Types of Shower Doors

It goes without saying that there is a veritable raft of options available to homeowners looking to install new showers. The same is true when it comes to shower doors. Many bathrooms have been bought back to life through something as simple as changing the doors on showers as it can change the look and style of the room entirely. There are many varieties of doors for showers available on the market and they come in a myriad of different materials, shapes, designs and configurations. Showers are a great way to rejuvenate the sense of style in bathrooms and whether you opt for an entirely new shower enclosure or just want to make more subtle changes such as altering shower doors, the sheer wealth of options available when it comes to showers will ensure that you will get the desired results.

Showers - Opening Doors to Design Classics

Showers are becoming mainstays in the bathrooms of people across the UK and they invariably want to rejuvenate them from time to time. This can be done by buying entirely new showers of course but many take the decision to merely replace the doors on their showers as this can often have the effect of completely changing the look and feel of the shower enclosure. Just some of the most common types of door that are found on showers include:

By-Pass Shower Doors - By-pass, or sliding, doors are the most common variety to be found on showers and offer functional access with a touch of visual flair. Obviously, by utilising sliding doors on showers, it minimises the amount of space in the bathroom that is taken up because the mechanism is contained within the unit itself and doesn't open outwards to encroach into the room itself. Most showers today have sliding doors as homeowners like the visual appeal of this variety and the fact that they don't impinge upon space in bathrooms; which is often at a premium.

Curved or Bi-Fold Shower Doors - Essentially a bi-fold shower door is ideal when space really is limited in bathrooms. For the type of doors, the mechanism operates a lot like an accordion and has multiple bends in the frame. It is possible to fit showers into more or less any room regardless of the size and bi-fold shower doors may be the ideal means to achieve this.

Tips for Installing a Shower in a Small Bathroom

Showers are increasingly designed with bathrooms in mind and they come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours and you are sure to be able to find a shower enclosure to suit the size of your bathroom. Showers can generally be made to fit in with the dimensions of a room but if bathrooms are particularly small, it can create issues in terms of the types of showers that can be installed. It is, conversely, both modern homes and very old ones that tend to have smaller bathrooms but certain design principles can be followed to make installing showers in these dwellings a success. Installing the wrong size or shape when it comes to showers, it can have the effect of making a bathroom feel cramped but by being creative with the available space and researching the market to see what showers are available, you are sure to find a shower cubicle that does your bathroom justice.

Showers - Changes to be Made

If you are worried about how showers can be fitted into small bathrooms, one of the first considerations to make could be whether or not you actually require a bathtub in your bathroom. More and more households are forgoing bathtubs in favour of showers and few now boast separate showers and baths. If you have a bathroom that is on the small side, removing a clunky bathtub will free up a lot of space that can be filled with a shower enclosure that will ultimately make the room feel more spacious as it takes up vertical space, not horizontal. Obviously, this is a step to be taken dependent on your own personal preferences. Some, for example, couldn't imagine a life without baths but many also much prefer showers, so, it is important to make this decision before removing the bathtub.

Showers - Big Decisions

Another move that is commonly made by those with small bathrooms but who want showers is to turn the whole room into one big shower by creating a wet-room. Wet-rooms are becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners and they are relatively cheap and easier to install. Showers of all varieties can be incorporated into these types of bathrooms and they are easy to maintain.

Showers - Tips for Tiling a Shower

Of course, it goes without saying, those looking to tile their own showers need to ensure that the unit is completely leak free and it really should only be considered if you have some skill at DIY. Many homeowners, however, are deciding to tile their own showers as the desire to redesign bathrooms grows apace across the UK. Bathrooms are one of the rooms that homeowners strive to get just right style-wise and showers are one of the focal points in most people's bathrooms. As such, styling showers just right can be integral in getting the right look and feel for the room and creating the desired visual impact. The use of tiling in shower enclosures is one of the best means of showcasing the desired style and there are a number of tips for those homeowners looking to tile their showers to follow.

Showers - Tiling Basics

For those who want to tile their showers, the first aspect to consider is the type of tiles that you want to use. It is important to choose a good quality tile that meets your style requirements as you want the shower enclosure to look the part once the tiling has been completed. Generally speaking, porcelain tiling may well be the best choice for showers because this type of tiling tends to absorb less moisture, which is important when it comes to maintaining the standard of the tiling. Tiling isn't waterproof, however, and as showers are obviously going to get wet, it is crucial to install a vapour guard beneath the tiling in showers in order to ensure that water doesn't enter the wall itself.

Showers - Tile Style

Tiles, like showers themselves, tend to come in all shapes and sizes and choosing the right type for your shower is purely a matter of personal taste. Tiling has the capacity to make showers really stand out and more and more homeowners are deciding to rejuvenate their bathrooms by buying new showers and tiling them with a style to their suiting.

Showers - Through the Keyhole

Many homeowners are choosing to pep up their showers by adding new shower doors or fitting a new shower screen to their existing unit. For those who don't want completely new showers, altering shower doors can be a quick, easy and, most importantly, stylish means of reinvigorating the appearance of a shower enclosure. More and more homeowners are putting showers in their homes and by changing the shower doors or shower screens from time to time, they can effectively alter the design style of their bathrooms and shower enclosures can then be made to fit in with any new designs that have been undertaken in bathrooms. Showers that are combined with bathtubs are just as easy to make look aesthetically pleasing by adding shower screens that will add a touch of design flair to bathrooms.

Showers - The Popularity of Bath/Shower Combos

Many homes across the UK, particularly those with period features, are likely to have bathrooms that combine the luxury of a bath with the convenience of showers by having bathtubs with a shower head add-on. These are extremely popular in all sorts of design styles and they are usually complemented with shower screens that fit in with the overall design principle of the room. These showers provide the homeowner with the option of a shower or bath and by amalgamating the two, there is usually additional space provided in bathrooms for things like bathroom furniture and storage space.

Showers - Screen Stars

So far as showers are concerned, it goes without saying that they can be really bought to life by elements such as shower doors and shower screens and more and more homeowners are coming to realise this when it comes to redesigning their bathrooms. Making changes to shower screens is one of the most hassle free methods of making showers more visually appealing. Obviously, in terms of showers, the most notable function of shower screens is to prevent water from spraying across bathrooms but designers are increasingly realising the style potential of shower screens and they are many visually striking shower screens on the market which will superbly complement all varieties of showers.

Showers - Water Rats

Showers may not seem like the most pressing of concerns for rodents but, according to the report on the BBC, a colony of Cumbrian rats at a Lake District wildlife attraction have been provided with their own private showers to bathe in and the showers are proving a big hit with the well-to-do rodents. The rats are part of a feature at nature reserve at Lake Windermere and the furry fellows, and their showers, have been attracting a lot of attention from the visitors to the attraction. The showers for the rats were first envisaged when one of the workers at the nature reserve saw how the rats reacted when the plants in their enclosure were watered and it soon became apparent that the rats would enjoy having showers at their beck and call whenever they wanted one.

Showers - Keeping Cool

According to the report on the BBC, the Cumbrian rats at the Lake Windermere couldn't get enough of the water when the plants in the enclosure were watered and the colony accumulated on logs to experience the effects, which gave the workers the idea to give the rats their own showers. Speaking to the BBC, a worker at the nature reserve, Scott Davidson, states, "Whenever we watered the plants the rats would all stop what they were doing and gather together on a log where they all got a thorough soaking. They seemed to be enjoying it so much that we're now planning to give them their own special showers. As well as keeping them clean, the showers also provide them with some environmental enrichment which mirrors conditions in the wild."

Showers - Humans Like Them Too

It's not just the rodent population that have an affinity for showers. More and more homeowners are installing showers in their bathrooms and this is a trend that is anticipated to continue during the second half of 2008 and beyond. Showers are proving popular amongst homeowners who want to make the most of the space available in their bathrooms and it is clear that showers are much more space conscious than their bathtub counterparts.

Showers - Water, Water Everywhere

Showers are a much-loved element of the bathroom, providing a quick and convenient way of getting clean in comparison to the slow, water-guzzling bath tub. But sometimes even eco-friendly showers can play up and cause us headaches, with blocked drains leading to floods or over-filled shower trays. Here's a guide to making sure the water stays in your shower, and not all over your bathroom floor.

Showers - The Water Saver

Showers have many benefits, such as saving time in the bathroom, but one of their biggest plus points is the way that they are economical in their use of water. A bath can use around 80 litres of H2o per soak, whereas a shower uses only 35 litres (with the exception of power showers, which use the same as a bath).

Showers - Good Maintenance

However, in order to make the most of showers, you should clean and care for them to prevent drain blockages, soap scum build-ups, and water stains. Here are some top tips for good care of showers:

- Avoid using regular soap in showers to avoid soap scum build-up, some of which can contribute to blocked drains. Use a liquid shower gel instead.

- Give showers a daily spritz of a special shower door cleaner, to keep the glass sparkling and free from water marks.

- Clear the drain in showers regularly to prevent a serious blockage. Pour down a drain cleaning product every few weeks as a preventative measure, and if necessary pull out any hair that's clogging it up.

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