Showers - Popularity of Walk-in Showers Soars

More and more homeowners across the UK are beginning to see the benefits of installing walk-in showers in their bathrooms because they really do provide a comfortable and functional shower enclosure but one which offers considerably more space than their conventional showers counterparts. If you feel that there is sufficient space in your bathroom, then walk-in showers may well be the perfect choice for adding not only the 'wow' factor to bathrooms but also providing a functional unit that will meet your showering needs. Showers of all shapes and sizes are being installed in modern homes across the UK and finding the right shower for bathrooms is obviously a matter of personal preference.

Showers - Choosing the Right Walk-in Showers

As with all showers, choosing the right walk-in shower can be a difficult decision as it will have to fit in with the style and design of the rest of your bathroom. However, there are plenty of walk-in showers available on the market, so, you are sure to find a suitable one that is suitably aesthetically pleasing and which dovetails with the dimensions of the room. The key consideration when it comes to choosing walk-in showers has to be style of the unit. Many homeowners are choosing rustic style walk-in showers for their modern homes. These types of showers generally create a sense of space in a room by essentially bringing nature indoors with the way in which they are designed. Neutral tones are invariably the order of the day when it comes to walk-in showers as they create the most striking visual impact when it comes to complementing the rest of the bathroom's fixtures and fittings.

Showers - Adding Value

If the walk-in showers are installed to a high standard then they have the potential to add value to the home. These sorts of showers are much sought after by property buyers who are looking for contemporary homes that have been finished to a good standard. Walk-in showers are certainly impressive in terms of stature and grandiosity and more and more homeowners are deciding to install these showers in the bathrooms as a result.

Showers - Save the Earth

Bathrooms are the planet's enemy. Every day millions of litres of water are flushed down the toilet, used in baths and run in showers. Chemical cleaning and beauty products are rinsed down drains, and unethical products like cheap cotton towels and bathrobes are used daily. If you're passionate about the planet and want to do your part, then bathrooms are a good place to start. Here's how showers can help save the earth.

Showers - Waste Not

When it comes to being green in the bathroom, showers are a clear winner. Baths use around 80 litres of water, whereas showers use only 35. Take into account the energy needed to heat those extra 45 litres and you can understand why baths are the enemy of the environment. Showers, on the other hand, are economical, and can be made even more so. Showers can easily be fitted with water-saving devices so they use even less than 35 litres a time. You can also turn the shower off while shampooing your hair or waiting for the conditioner to do its magic. Only use as much water as you need to rinse everything off. But beware power showers - these use just as much water from baths, with some models using a massive 80 litres in the space of just five minutes. If you want to be really eco-friendly, choose traditional old-fashioned showers that use the minimum amount of water.

Showers - Green and Clean

Once you've worked out how to make your showers as green as possible in terms of water and energy consumption, you need to consider what you are rinsing down the drain. Modern beauty products are loaded with chemicals that simply go back into the water system and into the earth. All water is recycled, so remember that everything in that beautiful-smelling shampoo you use in your showers could actually be harming fish and animals. Switch to all-natural products and you will have a conscience that is as squeaky-clean as your hair and skin. You will need to do the same for all those toxic cleaning chemicals that get poured down showers in a bid to unblock the drain. Opt for a simple and green solution of bicarbonate and soda mixed with vinegar, followed by hot water. There's simply no need to let showers be part of the environmental problem when they can be part of the solution instead.

Showers - Take to the Skies

Showers are increasingly becoming homeowner's most popular choice for their bathrooms and it looks as though this popularity might be stemming to the skies as a leading airline introduces the option of in-flight showers for their first class passengers. According to the report in the Telegraph , Emirates Airlines have installed on board showers on their new fleet of A380 Airbus planes that will allow their premium passengers to take showers at some 43,000 feet. The vast A380 Airbus are one of the world's largest commercial planes and the new Emirate fleet will include two bathrooms in their first class section, both of which will have showers for their passengers to utilise during the flight; which literally takes in flight hospitality to new heights.

Showers - Join the Mile High Club

The mile high club may soon have new connotations after Emirates Airlines installed showers on the A380 fleet and the term could soon refer to those who have had showers at altitude. According to the report in the Telegraph , however, those hoping for long, luxurious showers thousands of feet in the air are likely to be disappointed as the on-board showers are pre-fitted with a time restriction tool which will limit the passengers to a mere five minutes in the showers. Speaking to the Telegraph , Emirates president, Tim Clark, stated, "The showers are regulated through a software program that gives people a five-minute shower, which is ample in most cases. If you're on amber and your hair's full of shampoo, you want to get moving". The showers on board the A380's have created some problems for Emirates, however, as they have been striving to reduce the weight of the gargantuan people carriers and by adding the showers, each flight will need to carry an extra 500 kilos of water.

Showers - Surge in Popularity

It's not just aboard aircraft that showers are experiencing a resurgence. Many homeowners plan to renovate their bathrooms in what remains of 2008 and into 2009 and one of the key aspects to rejuvenate is that of shower enclosures. There are an absolute abundance of showers on the market and regardless of what size or style you are after, or indeed the dimensions of the room, you are sure to find a shower enclosure to suit your needs.

Showers - The Art of Suspense

Showers can be invigorating, help you wake up in the morning, be a blast of energy, or can ease aching muscles. Hot showers can soothe, cold showers can refresh - but what about showers that create suspense? It's strongly advised before stepping into the shower to not think about Psycho. The film is famous for one scene that has been written into movie history. The shower scene is so notorious that you can even buy imitation Psycho shower curtains featuring a dark shadowy figure clutching a knife with colourful bursts of red....Not to everyone's taste!

Showers and Suspense

Showers are often used in movies as shorthand. They can signify the end of a hard day - a hero washing away the day's work, a heart-broken heroine trying to wash the man out of her hair, and of course, showers are obligatory for the more raunchy flicks. But Hitchcock has forever associated showers with murder. The bloody shower scene is perhaps the scene most people think of when they think of Hitchcock. The film has been attributed for exacerbating people's phobias of taking showers. The director did the same for anyone with a fear of birds in The Birds. Psycho features Norman Bates who befriends Marion Crane, a secretary, in his motel that he runs with his sickly mother in the basement. But when the secretary goes to take a shower, the horrific shower scene occurs - although the scene isn't explicitly graphic - the use of music and power of suggestion as blood splatters through her screams - make it one of the scariest scenes in cinema history.

Showers: Psycho Killer

The movie is the ultimate cross-dresser twist, with Bates dressing up as his actually deceased mother. Taking showers will never be the same again after watching the movie, just as swimming in the ocean takes on an extra edge after watching Jaws. Just as you know a shark won't attack you (or very unlikely), you know nothing will happen when you're taking your showers, but the film has a phobia-inducing effect. It's been reported that allegedly fans of the film refused to have showers for years after watching the movie! But no doubt even the most susceptible movie-goer will reassess their fear of showers when they hear the blood used on set was actually chocolate syrup.

Showers - The Best a Man Can Get

There's a belief that women will spend hours in the bathroom, pampering themselves in the mirror, wallowing in the bath and applying all sorts of lotions and potions, while their partner patiently waits to nip in and give his teeth a quick brush. But now the roles are being reversed, and men are spending longer on grooming - especially the metrosexual man who wants to look good as he goes about his high-flying career and busy social life. The development of designer showers in more masculine styles has helped this trend pick up speed, with sleek designs and high-tech functions.

Showers - Masculine Styles

For the high-powered bachelor, pretty bathrooms with traditional white, tiled showers just aren't going to cut it. Men want something a little more masculine, with dark tiles ideally made out of slate or stone, and a power shower with a variety of massaging jets to ease those post-sports aches. Showers come in such a range of designs nowadays that manly styles are easy to find. Another option could be a sleek walk-in shower with multiple jets coming out of the walls and not just the showerhead. Or try installing one of the latest high-tech designs that will keep any gadget-lover happy.

Showers - Gadgets for Guys

Every man loves a gadget, and now they can take their techie tendencies into the bathroom. Showers are becoming ever more high-tech, with all manner of luxury additions to keep guys happy as they wash. These are just some of the more impressive modern showers that will appeal to every guy's inner geek:

Three-in-One Showers - If one washing function isn't enough for a man, then he'll need one of these multi-function showers that stop short of drying you down with a towel. Not only do they incorporate a power shower with massaging jets, but boast sauna and steam room functions too. Many of these showers can also be equipped with waterproof plasma screens.

TV Showers - The busy music and media executive can now keep up to speed with the latest music videos as he showers, with a waterproof plasma screen TV fitted to the wall. Or, for the businessman who can't afford to miss a phone call, some showers can even come with a telephone installed inside. When it comes to these styles of high-tech showers, the sky really is the limit in terms of what can be created.

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