Showers - Going Through the Checklist

It is important to make sure that bathrooms are geared towards the installation of shower enclosures and power showers before going head with a renovation and installation process. In terms of the type of showers that are proving popular, it is safe to say that power showers rank highly on homeowner's lists of 'must-haves' for their bathrooms. Power showers generally give a more invigorating bathing experience due to the additional water pressure they are capable of producing and the sleek designs and minimalist principles associated with power showers is making them an obvious choice for those looking to complement the style of their contemporary homes. For those looking to install power showers in the bathrooms, it is a good idea to understand the prerequisites that are often required for power showers to operate at an optimum level.

Showers - Installing Power Showers

According to a report on Renovation Central , there are a number of guidelines that need to be considered when it comes to installing power showers, which includes the following:

Pressure - One of the key factors to consider when it comes to installing power showers is whether or not you bathroom has sufficient water pressure to make installing a power shower worthwhile. Check with specialist providers of showers to see if your bathroom is geared up for a power shower.

System - It is important to check the type of plumbing system that you have before making your choice of showers. In the UK, most showers are supplied via a storage system but this will depend on the age and location of your home, so, it's necessary to check before installing power showers.

Environmental - Power showers obviously use more water than conventional showers but there are numerous means of conserving energy in bathrooms. For example, installing timers on showers means they can't be used too extensively and dual flush toilets also considerably reduce the amount of water that is wasted.

Showers are increasingly becoming a fixture in the bathrooms of contemporary homes as people enjoy the additional space that is provided by replacing bathtubs with shower enclosures. Many people looking to renovate their bathrooms in 2008/9 will see choosing the right type of showers as the most important aspect of rejuvenating the design and style of a bathroom.

Showers - His and Hers

Bathrooms can be a battleground, with flatmates and families staking claim to private time and storage space. It takes one morning with hairs in the sink for World War Three to kick off. Couples especially can find themselves arguing about petty issues like leaving the lid off the toothpaste and having too-long showers. One way to prevent some of the rows is to create 'his and hers' showers, to keep both of you happy.

Showers - What She Wants

Women are very attached to their bathrooms, as it's a place where they can close the door and have some 'me' time. It's very important to them to be able to feel they have plenty of space for their beauty products, and enjoy their baths and showers in peace. Nothing can get a woman more irate than finding hairs in the sink, having to put down the toilet seat, and rearrange a pile of messy men's grooming products (when hers are always neatly stored). Showers are also a place of contention when it comes to cleaning. If it gets blocked, she will want him to do the DIY job of clearing the blockage, while some men may argue that the problem's probably caused by her hair anyway. Couples need to compromise over their showers so they don't have unnecessary and petty arguments.

Showers - What He Wants

To men, bathrooms are more functional places. They are there for the purpose of fulfilling basic hygiene needs like taking showers, brushing teeth and shaving. They can't understand why women get so upset about the toilet seat and the toothpaste tube. Showers especially are a place for guys to just wash and go, and if they do linger for ages when they take showers, it will be because they've just played a football match and are easing their aching muscles, rather than pampering themselves.

Showers - Keeping the Peace

To create harmony in the bathroom, there need to be some compromises. Men need to understand what a special space it is for women, and make an extra effort to keep it clean. They should avoid using soap bars in their showers, to prevent a build-up of scum, which creates more cleaning (which their partner will probably have to do). Women need to respect that men are more functional creatures, and like to keep things practical. In couples' showers, there should be two separate shelves or hanging chrome baskets for the different beauty products. This way, the man can keep his in a contained mess, while the woman can keep hers neat and easily access her array of products. And as long as the guy can remember to put the loo seat down, squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom and rinse his hairs down the sink, there should be peace and harmony.

Showers - BO can Damage your Sex Life

Body odour, it's been said, can be sexy on a man but there's a difference between a gentle whiff and serious body odour. Regular showers should ensure you get the balance right. The fact is, some men may think the obsession with showers, moisturisers and other male grooming products is simply too metro-sexual but put simply body odour just isn't attractive or excusable. Many bathrooms feature power showers, and there are a multiple of products available to ensure you'll never pong. But attempting to mask bad body odour with deodorants or after shave can only make the smell even more unbearable. Really, there's no excuse not to take showers. And if you value your sex life it's a good idea to wake up and smell the shower gel!

Showers - Skin and Hair Care

Showers aren't just about controlling male body odour, but they're a chance to invest in hair and skin. Showers are not just where women condition their hair or exfoliate, more men are being encouraged to use male grooming products in their showers. If you thought you were too macho for grooming shower products, think again - it isn't macho to smell of sweat! In fact, body odour is now considered one of the most anti-social problems in today's society. Research suggests women are turned off by body odour, so if you're not enamoured by taking gels and soaps into showers, it's worth remembering for the sake of the woman in your life.

Showers: A Grooming Routine

As well as ensuring you use showers once or even twice a day, getting into a simple male grooming routine will ensure you stay fresh and fanciable. Don't be scared to dig out the moisturiser after showering. There are plenty of men's moisturisers designed specifically to cater to your macho sensitivities (the likes of Clive Owen is now the face of a leading moisturising brand). And make sure you invest in a good anti-dandruff shampoo if you need it, plus conditioner to take into the shower. Another habitual routine should be cutting your nails - there's nothing more unattractive than a man who has long nails (even if he does play the guitar). You don't have to get a manicure, just basic nail care after you've stepped out of the shower will do.

Shower, Nails, Done!

Let's face it, regular showers, using good grooming products, controlling problem skin like acne, getting rid of dandruff and smelling shower-fresh will all help your confidence and the confidence of your partner, who'll be more likely to want to get close to you.

Showers - Brits Take Longest in Showers

Millions of homeowners redesign their bathrooms each year and showers are one of the first things that they choose to bring up to date. More and more homes across the UK are opting for showers in favour of bathtubs in their bathrooms, predominantly due to the added convenience associated with showers. According to the report in the Daily Mail , people in the UK are so fond of their showers, in fact, that they spend more time in showers than any other nation in Europe. With the emergence of power showers and increasingly technological shower enclosures it is becoming more and more difficult for Brits to drag their weary limbs from their showers and some freely admit to spending as much as 20 minutes each day in their showers.

Showers - A Numbers Game

According to the report in the Daily Mail , showers of homeowners in the UK are the most commonly utilised in Europe and some 15% of British men and women admit to spending at least 11 minutes each day in their showers and 3% of Brits spend what many would consider a somewhat excessive 20 minutes per day loitering in their showers. When comparing this to the habits of our European neighbours when it comes to showers, it clearly showcases the Brits affinity for showers. According to the report in the Daily Mail , one in ten people in Spain, France and Germany admit to spending two minutes or less in their showers which, obviously, is better for the environment in terms of water wastage but spending such a minimal amount of time in showers would come as a bit of a culture shock for many homeowners across the UK and those installing new shower enclosures in their bathrooms are unlikely to be swayed into using it for just 120 seconds per day.

Showers - The Issue of Going Green

Obviously, most countries are making a concerted effort to decrease their impact on the environment and one of the ways to do this could be to cut down the amount of time spent in showers. Whilst it may not be necessary to be so drastic as to cut time in showers down to a mere two minutes like many of our European counterparts, those spending twenty minutes or more in their showers may want to consider reducing this slightly.

Showers - Inspired by Nature

Showers have been undergoing a trend for minimalist, high-tech designs over the past few years, with modern materials and sleek lines. But if you love the outdoors and want to bring a more natural feel into your bathroom, then you could opt for one of the showers that are inspired by nature. From using natural materials to mimicking rain storms or waterfalls, these showers are perfect for nature lovers everywhere.

Showers - Natural Themes

With the trend towards green living hotter than ever, now is the time to transform your bathroom into a natural paradise, using nature as your inspiration for décor, tiling, accessories and the bathroom suite. Showers in particular lend themselves well to a nature theme, as there are several styles that can mimic the flow of a waterfall or the sensations of a tropical monsoon. If you choose one of these showers, you could style your bathroom to create an overall theme, as in the following example.

Showers - Tropical Theme

Install one of the luxurious waterfall spa showers into your bathroom, and follow suite by using bamboo bathroom furniture, shades of green paint, and natural limestone or slate tiling to create a jungle waterfall effect. Decorate the bathroom with pictures of rainforests and waterfalls, and use tropical-scented beauty products. You could even use a room fragrance with a hint of pineapple or coconut to add to the effect.

Showers - Inspired by Nature

The best showers for creating a natural theme are ones used in spas, like the tropical monsoon drench showers. These have a large shower head with powerful jets to create an invigorating cleansing experience, and can leave you energised and revitalised for the day ahead. You could also install one of the latest models of showers that feature jets around the cubicle, to give you an all-over massage as though you were sat beneath a waterfall having your back and shoulders kneaded by the cascade of water. If your budget doesn't stretch to these showers, then simply invest in a good power shower and allow your bathroom's décor to create the tropical effect.

Showers - Natural Materials

To add that extra natural touch, showers can be tiled with materials like limestone or stylish slate, bringing the outdoors into your bathroom. Using a stone material rather than modern ceramic tiles perfectly complements monsoon drench showers, and will help you feel like you really are showering under a waterfall in a rainforest - just close your eyes and use your imagination!

Showers - Prisoners Play Their Part

There is much emphasis being placed on addressing climate change at the minute and much of the debate centres around reducing the emissions of each country. According to the report on the BBC, by allowing those in prison to have their own private ensuite showers is causing a significant increase in the level of emissions that are created which, of course, has a knock-on effect on the environment. According to officially released statistics, the levels of carbon dioxide emitted skyrocketed in prisons after prisoners were provided with their own private showers. The increase in emissions has been attributed to an increase in the number of people in prison and the fact that many have now been supplied with their own private showers. It may be the case, however, that there will be a rethink on whether or not prisoners should be allowed ensuite showers given the impact it potentially has on the environment; particularly at a time when governments are striving to reverse the effects of climate change.

Showers - Doing Time

When it comes to showers, the amount of time spent in them obviously has a bearing on the overall emissions that they produce in terms of carbon dioxide. As such, if governments deem it too drastic to withdraw private showers for prisoners entirely, then they may feel that introducing stringent time limits on the showers as an alternative means of addressing the issue. It's not just prisoners who enjoy spending time in showers as research reports revealed that the UK as a nation spends more time in their showers than any other country in Europe with around 3% of Brits spending in excess of twenty minutes per day in their showers.

Showers - Making Changes

According to the report on the BBC, the government do hope to address the issue of heightened emissions resulting from private showers being installed in prisons as part of their overall goal of reducing emissions in the UK by 60% before 2050. Showers are, however, in general, a much greener alternative than baths and more and more homeowners across the UK are installing showers in their bathrooms as they endeavour to do their part to redress climate change throughout the world.

Showers - Sex and the City

According to a report in the Daily Mail , Sex and the City star, Kristin Davis, was less than enthralled to hear that she was expected to reveal more than she hoped for in the showers in one of the scenes for the recently released movie based on the long-running television series. As the movie is largely based around the sexual conquests of the leading characters, the film's writer wanted to add scenes that reflected this but getting undressed in the showers was not a road that Kristin Davis was prepared to follow and the actress put her foot down and refused the writer's requests. Showers in the movies have long had a certain symbolism largely stemming from the unforgettable scene that took place in the showers of the Bates Motel in the atypical Hitchcock horror film, Psycho but this was not something that appealed to the Sex and the City actress and the scenes in the showers were destined for the cutting room floor.

Showers - Movie Magic

It is perhaps understandable that the actresses involved in the Sex and the City movie didn't want to film numerous scenes in showers and of promiscuity as the film is supposed to be about how the characters have grown in the intermittent period since the TV series ended and climbing into showers was never on the agenda for Kristin Davis, 43. Speaking to the Daily Mail , the American actress recalls her response to being asked to strip down in the showers, "He tried to get me to be naked in the shower scene. I feel like I can't do that stuff. I feel really panicky about that stuff." So, despite this reluctance to reveal all in the showers, the actress was very happy with how the movie portrayed the characters and their new lives since the show ended.

Showers - Great Success

Despite the early hiccups involving the scenes to be filmed in the showers, the Sex and the City movie proved to be a resounding success upon its theatrical release. The movie may not take to the showers that often but, for those who have seen it, it certainly isn't reserved in nature and does maintain some of the sexual innuendos that the show was famous for in the first place.

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