Showers - All Shapes and Sizes

Bathrooms across the UK are increasingly installing showers instead of baths because they offering an invigorating experience but with an added sense of convenience. When deciding what type of showers are right for bathrooms, it is obviously important to consider a number of factors, most notably the dimensions of the room and the style of shower that you are after. Given the popularity of showers and the sheer wealth of options that are available, it is safe to say that finding a shower enclosure that is to your liking is sure to be fairly easy. In order to make things even easier, below is a guide to the most common variety of showers that are found in homes whether they be contemporary or period properties.

Showers - Types of Shower

As all homeowners are well aware, picking showers is often the primary consideration when it comes to renovating and redesigning bathrooms. The main types of showers that you are likely to encounter when it comes to rejuvenating bathrooms include:


The primary benefit of electric showers is the fact that they can be supplied in dwellings that don't have a hot water supply and this makes them one of the most flexible types of showers when it comes to their adaptability to different situations. If you want more power in electric showers, you merely have to increase the kilowatts supplying the water flow.

Ceiling Fed Showers

For those who are looking to minimise disruption to their tiling and existing features in bathrooms may find that ceiling fed showers are an ideal option. There is no need to place pipes under tiling as the water in ceiling fed showers is routed directly from the cylinder to the shower itself which makes the installation of these showers considerably easier than would otherwise be the case.

Tower Showers

A particularly favourite amongst shower aficionados as these dual purpose showers tend to offer a luxurious combination of body jets and overhead shower streams. These showers draw hot and cold water from the household supplies and the are the ideal choice for homes that have an easily accessible supply of hot water.

Showers - Curves in the Bathroom

Whether it is the design of cars or examples of modern art, it is impossible not to notice the prevalence of curves in modern design principles and it now appears that showers are the latest implement to be given the curve treatment amidst reports that curved showers are outselling their straight showers counterparts by as much as three to one. The type of showers found in bathrooms goes a long way towards reflecting the sense of style of the homeowners and more and more are deciding to incorporate slightly more unique showers for their bathrooms hence the surge in popularity of curved showers. Of course, the type of showers utilised in bathrooms is something that is entirely down to personal choice and the amount of space that is available but the increased leaning towards curved showers shows how many homeowners are striving to buck the trend of bathrooms with only straight edges and formulaic design principles.

Showers - Room with a View

The reason that curved showers are becoming increasingly popular is largely due to advancements made in curved glass which makes it possible to make aesthetically pleasing shower enclosures of this ilk. Curved showers are, typically, decidedly modern in appearance and fit in well with the minimalist designs that many homeowners are now deploying throughout their properties; particularly the bathrooms. One of the principle benefits that homeowners are discovering with regard to curved showers is how little space they take up and how they can often be worked into the most unlikely of spaces.

Showers - Classic Designs

Homeowners are moving away from traditional shower enclosures in ever increasing numbers as more and more are looking to make their bathrooms stand out from the crowd and many see curved showers as the ideal means of achieving this aim. Showers and bathrooms expert, David Gannon, states, "Curves are considered to be the ultimate in contemporary design and, these days, classic, elegantly curved pieces can typically be found throughout the home. In bathrooms, curved showers create an air of sophistication and tranquillity that ultimately result in a relaxing environment." Showers are one of the best ways to make a mark on the appearance of bathrooms and millions of homeowners are coming to realise the aesthetic qualities of curved showers in their quest for stylish bathrooms.

Showers - Cutting Costs

According to a report in the Sun , as many as a third of Brits have switched from baths to showers in an attempt to save money on their various utility bills such as heating and water. Showers obviously used less water than baths and not as much energy is expended in heating showers as it is with filling bathtubs. Showers are becoming increasingly popular in the bathrooms of modern Brits and not just as a money saving exercise. The additional convenience associated with showers makes them a popular choice amongst modern go-getters; although recent reports showed that Brits spend more time in their showers than any of their European counterparts. It goes without saying that people's finances have taken a hit as a result of the financial fallout of the credit crunch and many now see taking showers instead of baths as one of the rudimentary ways to cut down their outgoings when it comes to household bills.

Showers - Making Ends Meet

Many homeowners are finding that they are able so cut down on their bathroom costs considerably by having showers instead of baths due to the substantially less energy that is required in terms of heating them and the fact that showers use less water than baths. According to the report in the Sun , nine out of ten people have admitted to making cutbacks and lifestyle changes in the face of the credit crunch as they endeavour to cut down on their outgoings and taking showers instead of baths is a popular choice amongst homeowners as it allows them to keep heating costs to a minimum. According to the report, some 31% have decided to switch from baths to showers in recent times as homeowners become increasingly creative in terms of the ways in which they strive to keep outgoings at a manageable level.

Showers - For Commercial Use

There are so many showers available on the market that homeowners often have difficulty in decided which is right for them but this isn't a problem that is restricted to private dwellings. Many commercial premises also require showers and choosing ones that are right for them is also a decision that takes much deliberation. Obviously, showers that are designed for commercial purposes will be slightly different to conventional shower enclosures that are found in the bathrooms of homeowners across the country. There are a wide variety of circumstances in which commercial showers are utilised and a lot of the aspects of the shower enclosures used are the same as those showers that are found in the head; particularly in terms of the shower heads and the units themselves.

Showers - A Look at the Industries

The types of industries that require the installation of commercial showers is fairly diverse but the most common institutions that showers tend to be found in includes the following:

Leisure/Sport Centres - Obviously, it is important that leisure centres provide their members with showers. Depending on the standard of the institution, the commercial showers found in sport centres tend to be of a high calibre power shower variety. Gyms and leisure centres are increasingly image conscious in what is a competitive market and this tends to be reflected in their choice of showers which are usually chosen to provide a striking visual impact.

Healthcare - It goes without saying that the showers used in healthcare institutions have to be carefully regulated to meet various criteria and often vary significantly from the type of showers that are likely to be found in residential properties. In healthcare institutions, it is of paramount important that the showers used provide a safe flow of water at a set temperature and that the units themselves are easy to maintain and keep clean.

Education - Schools and colleges often need to install commercial showers on their property and it is noticeable that there is an increasing trend towards sleek and minimal showers in such institutions, largely due to a desire to cut down in tampering with the equipment, which obviously be an issue in schools and education facilities.

How to Create Successful Corner Showers

It goes without saying that bathrooms are generally one of the smaller rooms in the home and this can have ramifications on the designs that people have when it comes to renovating their bathrooms. The dimensions of a room shouldn't be a restriction when it comes to installing showers as they can be found in all shapes and sizes and many homeowners have discovered that corner showers are the ideal solution to their problem when it comes to fitting showers into rooms which have less conventional angles or which are small in stature. Corner showers are often, literally, the best fit because not only do they offer the same stylish finish as conventional shower enclosures but they do so without eating into space which is often a commodity in bathrooms. The installation of corner showers doesn't present homeowners with any additional obstacles to overcome and bathrooms can be utterly rejuvenated with the installation of corner showers.

Showers - Conquering Corners

Most people will opt for glass when it comes to the shower enclosures as these tend to give the sleekest and most impressive visual impact and things are no different for those looking to optimise their space by installing corner showers into their bathrooms. Just because you are installing corner showers, it doesn't mean you can't be creative with the shape of the enclosure and there are many aesthetically unique corner showers available on the market that are sure to fit in with the dimensions and design principles that you have when renovating or refreshing bathrooms.

Showers - Style and Space Conscious

Corner showers are invariably the option of choice for homeowners when the size of their bathrooms doesn't lend itself to certain fixtures and fittings. Showers are increasingly becoming the norm for homeowners as there has been a slight shift away from bathtubs towards showers of late and, even if the dimensions of room are small, there is sure to be a shower enclosure that not only dovetails perfectly with the size of the room but also looks the part as well in terms of a visual impact.

Reaping the Benefits of Shower Enclosures

Showers have many benefits when it comes to bathrooms and it is little wonder that the number of homeowners installing shower enclosures in their bathrooms is on the increase all the time. Showers are increasingly replacing bathtubs as homeowner's equipment of choice when it comes to their bathrooms and, given the environmental concerns at present, this can only be a good thing. Helping out environmentally is only one of the potential benefits that installing showers can have for homeowners and the list of reasons that people find to put a shower enclosure in their bathrooms tends to increase all the time as showers become ever more affordable and visually appealing.

Showers - Top 3 Benefits of Installing a Shower Enclosure

Homeowners require little encouragement to install showers in their bathrooms as they clearly are already immeasurably popular but some of the primary benefits that people are discovering when it comes to having showers in their bathrooms includes:

Space Saver - On the most obvious level, showers are smaller than bathtubs and they take up vertical space in a room, not horizontal, which means that they don't disrupt the flow of the room and make it appear considerably more spacious.

Minimising Mess - Anyone who has had a bathtub in their bathrooms won't have failed to notice that it can end up with water all over the floor. This is not a problem when it comes to showers and shower enclosures because, as the name suggests, they are enclosed and water doesn't end up all over the bathroom which is often the case with bathtubs.

Cut Down Mishaps - As a result of having dryer floors in the bathrooms, the likelihood of slipping and falling is diminished dramatically and this is why many homeowners, particularly those with young children, are installing showers in their bathrooms because it cuts down on the risk of small injuries that can often occur in slippy bathrooms.

So, the benefits of having showers and shower enclosures in bathrooms is clear to see and many homeowners are anticipated to renovate their bathrooms during the remainder of 2008 and into 2009 and the numbers who will install showers is likely to increase exponentially.

Taking a Closer Look at Showers

When it comes to completely changing the feel of bathrooms, one of the best products for achieving this goal is showers; whether this be in the form of power showers, curved showers or a conventional shower enclosure. It goes without saying that more or less regardless of the size and style of your bathroom, you will be able to find the right choice in the abundance of showers that are available on the market today. Showers can be made to fit in with minimalist bathrooms or can just as easily be dovetailed with more colour intensive bathroom designs. Generally speaking, showers are one of the most conducive facets of bathroom equipment and can be extremely successful in completely rejuvenating the style of a bathroom. Showers can be bought as one single unit or broken down into their various elements such as shower heads and shower doors in order to fit in with the individual style of each bathroom.

Showers - Types of Shower Heads

In terms of getting the look of showers right, the shower head is one of the most important elements to consider. Just some of the most common shower head types found in showers includes:

Fixed Head Showers - Fixed head showers are certainly amongst the most luxurious in appearance and you will likely have seen them in top of the range hotel suites. Fixed head showers tend to provide a sleeker, more flowing finish as they are typically recessed into shower tiles or into the wall itself, which is why they are a popular variety of showers amongst those who are aiming for minimalist style bathrooms.

Bath/Shower Mixers - Those who are looking for period style features in their bathrooms often opt for bath/showers mixers for their shower heads. Essentially, these are the type of showers that sit in a cradle at the end of a bath and they are most typically found on roll top bathtubs.

Taking a Look at Trays

It goes without saying that the trays used in showers are one of the most critical elements of a shower enclosure's construction and they come in sizes and shapes that can be carefully tailored to meet the dimension of bathrooms. The trays found in showers will generally be square of spacious rectangles in shape and made of a variety of materials ranging from acrylics to stone based showers. In terms of creativity within the design of showers, the shower tray or base is one of the areas where imaginations can be utilised to create the dream shower enclosure for the homeowner in question. In terms of best practice when it comes to shower trays, it is always a good idea to plumb showers beforehand in order to ensure that the tray fits once all the tiling and extras have been applied to showers.

Showers - Material Matters

When looking at the trays used in showers, one of the most obvious differences between the various different types is in terms of the materials used to make them. Generally speaking, the type of material used most commonly in the base of showers is acrylic with stone resins following fairly closely behind. However, showers are a fairly unique thing in terms of how homeowners want them to look and feel and these two materials are by no means the only types available when it comes to finding the right base for the right showers. For those looking for a more unique appearance for their showers, many are choosing to use materials such as reinforced glass, various types of woods and stone for the trays used in their showers and the visual impact that this creates is often extremely impressive. In terms of expense, acrylic trays for showers are generally the cheapest and bespoke wood or stone creations tend to be slightly pricier.

Showers - Getting in Shape

It's not just the materials used in shower trays that differ from shower to shower. The actual shape of shower trays is also another area where homeowners can add a touch of individuality to their showers. Typically, showers will be found with trays that a rectangular, square, pentangle or, in the case of walk-in showers, a p-shaped tray is often utilised to give the additional sense of space.

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