Bathrooms to Boost your Property Prices

Bathrooms add value to homes. If you have just one family bathroom, it's worth considering investing in a second bathroom - even if it's a small shower room. In today's busy world, couples and families who are looking to get onto the property ladder or upgrade from a flat to a house will inevitably target properties with two bathrooms over one. The convenience and flexibility of two bathrooms is crucial in our time-starved society, where queuing for the bathroom isn't practical.

Bathrooms - The Property Crunch

And as the credit crunch continues to hit property prices, if you want to sell your house you need to make sure it's a competitor. There are fewer buyers around as mortgage lending dries up and the cost of buying rockets. Having two bathrooms will give you the edge. Paying special attention to your bathrooms will also help sell your home. It takes more than a lick of paint to crack over old, tired bathrooms. And with today's budget bathrooms that are stylish and affordable, there's no excuse not to make sure your bathrooms are top notch.

Bathrooms: Invest in the Best

If you want your house to stand out from the crowd, you can invest in spectacular bathrooms. Wet rooms are increasingly in demand, walk-in power showers and stand-alone baths all add an extra wow factor buyers now expect. There's never been more pressure to do-up bathrooms and the rest of your home as is clear from property shows and magazines. Buyer's expectations have gone up, and sellers need to rise to the challenge. Rising interest rates, HIP packs and falling house prices have all squeezed house buyers, and the risk of negative equity means selling a home has never been harder. Property experts state that bathrooms and kitchens are the two most crucial rooms in a house, so it's a worthwhile investment to see what you can do to boost the value of your home by revamping the bathrooms.

Bathroom Improvements

Bathroom improvements don't have to cost the earth; a simple cosmetic makeover might suffice in some cases. And if you don't have two bathrooms, take a look at any dead space in the house - cellars, utility rooms, studies, small bedrooms - and see if it's possible to install a wet room or shower unit so you can get that all important second bathroom.

Bathrooms - Tips to Make Bathrooms Look Bigger

Generally speaking, bathrooms are one of the smaller rooms in the home but, given the amount of time spent in bathrooms, most homeowners look for tips to make their bathrooms appear bigger and more spacious. There are many reasons that bathrooms appear smaller than they are. For example, an uneconomical use of storage space and bathroom furniture can make bathrooms appear overawed and cluttered. It is, however, extremely easy to make bathrooms appear substantially larger by following a few simple design steps that will create a sense of space in no time at all. Many homeowners are expected to overhaul their bathrooms will want to ensure that they not only get their bathrooms right in terms of design and style but also that it creates a sense of space that makes it a welcoming and relaxing environment in which to spend time.

Bathrooms - The Property Crunch

Bathrooms in the modern day and age are becoming more visually striking, and whether this is in a minimalist sense or with the use of eye-catching bathroom furniture, it is safe to say that bathrooms rank highly on the lists of homeowners looking to add an extra dimension and visual flair to their homes. Once the renovation or redesign of bathrooms is complete, it is often the finishing touches that make the room stand out as bathrooms are one of the most frequented rooms by both guests and homeowners.

Floor Colour - When picking the floor colour in bathrooms, choosing a lighter colour will prove successful in creating an additional sense of space that is so important. These can also alter your mood so go for colours you love!.

Mirrors - Be smart with the use of mirrors in bathrooms and you can really add a sense of space to the room. Mirrors can be used to reflect light and in bathrooms which really will add a new dimension in terms of creating a more open and airy feel in the room. Mirrors come in beautiful designs with an attractive choice of frames. These come in so many variants like those with night lights, those which allow you to play music or with built-in shaver sockets or Bluetooth.

Keep a Flow - By removing things that create blocks, it is possible to create a seamless look. For example, consider replacing showers with frosted doors with clear glass ones for an airy and sizeable view.

Cut Down on Clutter - By removing all unnecessary objects from bathrooms and creating sufficient storage space is a great way to make bathrooms feel less cluttered and relaxed. Bathroom furniture is a good way to complement bathroom designs but shouldn't be overused at the expense of space in the room.

Tiling - Tiling is one of the easiest ways to make bathrooms stand out. Mosaic tiles are an increasingly popular choice as these introduce a visual flair and touch of colour to bathrooms. Some homeowners prefer to tile their bathrooms from floor to ceiling in materials such as limestone, and this helps to add to the sense of space in bathrooms as it gives it a more fluid feel.

Lighting - Lighting in bathrooms is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects to get right. If the lighting in bathrooms is too strong, it will feel clinical and, conversely, if it is too dim, it may serve the necessary purpose. Halogen lighting is one of the most commonly utilised varieties in bathrooms as you can usually alter the intensity of such lighting to suit your mood. It's important to choose lighting that is versatile and adaptable to different situations.

Design Secrets for Top Bathrooms

The bathrooms of celebrities are often one of design's best-kept secrets, and they are often luxurious, but some principles can be lifted and utilised in our own homes. Bathrooms really are the one room in the home that can be decorated more or less in any style and still maintain their functionality. Regardless of the size and dimensions of bathrooms or the available budget, it is fairly easy to capture the essence of celebrity style bathrooms by following a few simple design tips that can rejuvenate bathrooms that have begun to look run down.

Bathrooms - Star Secrets

Celebrities tend to pride themselves on the opulence of their bathrooms and the striking visual impact that they provide. Just some of the design secrets that are used to make the bathrooms of the rich and famous hit the right note in the design stakes include:

Dramatic Fixtures - If you're looking to replicate the look of celebrity bathrooms, then bland fixtures and fittings just won't cut it. The fixtures in the bathrooms of the stars tend to be a much grander affair and will certainly be a more eye-catching affair. Utilising subtle amounts of gold with the fixtures in bathrooms is likely to add a certain rustic sense of glamour to the room and ramp up its celebrity credentials.

Mix Colours and Fabrics - Not many celebrity bathrooms will be found with a single colour throughout the room. If you want your bathrooms to match up with the rich and famous, then you'll have to be bold with your choice of colour scheme and chose shower enclosures, bathroom mirrors, etc that fit in well with the colours that you have chosen.

Get the Lighting Right - Lighting is critical in bathrooms, and this is especially true in the case of celebrity bathrooms. Lighting needs to be of a suitable brightness so as not to be too overwhelming but not so dark as to make the room feel gloomy. Additional lighting around bathroom mirrors and vanity units gives bathrooms a substantial sense of style.

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