Bathrooms for the Next JK Rowling

Bathrooms are the most popular room in the house for reading - whether it's on the toilet or in the bath. So what better place to hatch the next bestselling blockbuster?

Bathrooms are great places to invest - turning your bathrooms into places of relaxation and refuge could be an investment in your mind as well as body. Research shows that bathrooms are not only great places to get acquainted with your novelist of choice, but they're also perfect places if you're looking for inspiration to become a novelist yourself.

Bathrooms for Struggling Novelists

It's a common misconception that everyone has a novel stashed at the bottom of their wardrobe, but the allure to writing a blockbuster is certainly strong. Ever since JK Rowling overtook Oprah on the rich list, hitting upon the next Harry Potter is preoccupying many a budding writer. Bathrooms are one of the ideal spots to think and be inspired, along with the car, gym or when shopping. Triggers for creative thought include a relaxed state that triggers the flow of dopamine in the brain. Apart from dopamine, distraction or break from sustained thought to produce a new idea which is easily found in the shower or bath.

Bathrooms: Soaking in the Bath

In fact, research shows that we're more inclined to have a flash of inspiration lying in the bath, giving every aspiring JK a great excuse to lock themselves in their bathrooms and enjoy a long soak. If you haven't got a bath, then a shower would work as well. However, investing in a tub could be a great asset - baths are longed after in most bathrooms for their relaxing powers, and it could be where you finally hit upon the idea for your literary masterpiece. Bathrooms not only provide a dedicated place to switch off from the rest of the world, but baths let you lie down and relax ensuring your brain is in the optimum place for sparkling ideas.

A relaxed state of mind is crucial for creativity as this is the time when Alpha rays are flowing through our minds, and we start focusing inwards instead of outwards. That is the reason why many insights happen in warm showers and give us the necessary calm to look into voices in the back of our heads. If you're looking to revamp or redesign any bathrooms in your home - make sure they have a nice, long bath!

Bathrooms: A Creative Retreat

Our brains are more hard-wired to cognitive behavior when we're up and about, but lying down, there's more space for creativity. Bathrooms then are great retreats for creative types, including novelists and poets, and for anyone searching for a creative solution. Who knows - perhaps the next book you'll be reading on the loo will be the one you thought up in the bath.

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