A Step by Step Guide to the Perfect Bathroom

Nowadays, it's not just about the house but also the Bathrooms and homeowners are going the extra mile to ensure that they get just right. You can either transform the bathroom with a few small changes, like the colour scheme or adding new bathroom furniture or get a completely new design. However, the prospect of completely redesigning bathrooms can be quite an overwhelming one, and many homeowners will seek expert design and styling advice before starting renovation project on their own bathrooms.

Bathrooms - Knowing Where to Start

When it comes to making radical changes to bathrooms, the best place to start is invariably to consider exactly how it is that you want to use the space and the facilities that you wish to include within the room. Many people want both a shower enclosure and a bathtub in their bathrooms, and this will have a bearing on the amount of space that will be available for other features such as furniture and accessories. Bathrooms are generally one of the smaller rooms in the home, so, it is always a good idea to accurately measure the room before embarking on making changes because you will need to ensure that there is sufficient space for all the changes that you want to make.

Bathrooms - Plumbing Problems

The way in which plumbing is laid out in bathrooms may well restrict the type of bathroom suite or equipment that can be installed. Examining the layout of bathrooms prior to making changes is crucial and so that you won't run into problems further down the line. It is essential that you are aware of the plumbing and pipes so that to not accidentally drill into one and create further problems and expense.

Choosing The Right Brassware To Complement Design

One of the best ways to create a visual flair within bathrooms is to focus on the fixtures and fittings of the room and taps are one of the most integral fixtures in terms of creating a striking aesthetic impact with bathrooms. Bathroom taps are available in more or less all shapes, sizes, and styles and regardless of the look that you are going for, you are sure to find a set of bathroom taps that complements the style of the room extremely well. Obviously, the design of bathrooms is a question of personal choice and the choice of bathroom taps for period properties will clearly be of a different ilk to those that are to be utilised in modern, minimalist flats in the city.

Choosing The Right Style For You

Bathrooms styles and designs are limitless and while this is obviously a good thing in terms of creativity, it can also make it difficult to decide which direction to go when it comes to making the choices about the finishing touches of the design and style. Bathrooms, whether they are designed to minimalist principles or utilise a myriad of design techniques, are increasingly becoming the most important room for homeowners, without compromising on its functional aspects. Regardless of individual taste or the dimension of bathrooms, it is imminently possible to create your ideal space with a few simple changes such as a new bathroom suite or shower enclosure.

Bathrooms - Popular Choices

While there are thousands of choices when it comes to bathrooms, some styles are obviously more popular than other in contemporary homes, and just some of the most popular bathrooms in terms of design include:

Victorian Bathrooms - These types of bathrooms are most typically found in country manor homes, but the design principles are easy to replicate. Country style bathrooms tend to incorporate a lot of wooden bathroom furniture and fairly neutral colours such as sky blues and whites. The use of striking woods, organics, and ornate detailing is the highlight in these bathrooms.

Panelled Bathrooms -The use of panels in bathrooms is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners looking to give their bathrooms a sense of style. In panelled bathrooms, most design specialists would recommend the use of claw footed roll-top baths as they complement the style very well.

Designer or Luxury Bathrooms - For those who want their bathrooms to offer more of a visual impact, glamorous or designer bathrooms is invariably the way to go. Luxury bathrooms tend to utilise striking colours in conjunction with freestanding bathroom furniture and high quality fixtures. Updated with unique and exceptional accessories and concepts, these are also expensive.

Modern Bathrooms - The highlight of these is the minimal use of elements and maximizing the space. High tech and ultra modern fixtures are used so are modern tiles and sanitaryware in trendy styles. These bathrooms work well in modern apartments and homes.

Bathrooms: Colour Therapy

Bathrooms that are bigger can take colour better, but it's still good to stick to colours that reflect light rather than absorb it - especially if your bathroom is windowless or has a small window. White works well for it's calming, fresh and clean qualities. For some, however, the preference may be bright oranges or green, depending on their personal tastes. By adding a splash of colour or a colour theme using a shower curtain, bath mats and bathroom accessories can really bring bathrooms alive. Wall-to-wall tiling in the colour of your choice brings a certain element of luxury to the space.