Shower Trays

For many people, choosing how to style the showering area of the bathroom is one of the most exciting parts of the project. Showering has easily overtaken bathing as the UK’s preferred form of keeping clean. That’s because it’s quick, easy and pleasurable. To design the best shower area for your bathroom, you need to take several things into consideration so that you choose the best shower trays, enclosures, shower fittings and accessories for your needs. Fortunately, you can get everything you need, including all your ideas, from Bathrooms 365.

At Bathrooms 365, we stock shower trays and enclosures by leading brands, giving you access to top quality products at affordable prices. We offer square, rectangular, quadrant, offset quadrant, pentagon, and bowed shape shower trays. We’re always happy to help you decide what to buy, and because we stock everything you need for your new bathroom, you can do all your shopping at a single store. Take a look today and buy through our secure online shop.

You’ll need to take into account the layout of your bathroom, the size of your shower enclosure, and your preferred aesthetics, as well as your available budget. Bathrooms 365 stocks a wide range of shower trays, and we’re more than happy to help you find one that ticks all your boxes. If you have any questions at all, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask: we can guide you through all the options. With more than 30 years’ experience in the bathroom business, we know what it takes to build the perfect shower.