A good toilet roll holder can salvage the damage caused by a badly designed washroom, which severely limits the storage and dispensation of your toilet paper! Toilet roll holders are treated as a fringe accessory, summoned at the last moment and squeezed into any available crevice of the washroom without realising the negative impact of this compromise on your posture and hygiene.

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A good toilet roll holder is as important as your car or house keys making it incumbent upon us to avoid its misplacement; its selection rather is equally important as its placement and invites a few considerations worth pondering over. The dimension of your bathroom, to begin with, would dictate on the choice of the size and the type of holder to be installed along with the kind of installation best suited for a given scenario. Family composition plays an equally important role, especially young children and pets, in determining the type of TP orientation to prevent wastage.

Wall mounted holders are the most visible in most washrooms and have become the preferred choice in the small bathroom segment as they contribute immensely in spatially challenged environments from a functional perspective with strategic mounting. Freestanding holders are equally good and offer the advantage of flexible placement within the WC area. Toilet caddies, a variant in the freestanding category, have become increasingly popular with medium-sized and big bathroom owners, as they offer mental peace and calm with storage space for toilet rolls reserves and bring an air of leisure by accommodating reading material such as magazines, books and newspapers.

Manufactures are at the forefront to deliver designs and finishes to match contemporary tastes employing an amalgam of materials and finish to produce astonishing items finished in chrome, brass, and nickel; there are improvisations to suit classic setups as well with the use gold finish, wooden material and form elements.

We stock a huge variety of toilet roll holders available in various shapes, sizes, finish, and pricing to your satisfaction.