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Bathrooms - Horror Stories

If you Google 'bathrooms' and 'horror stories' you'll be surprised at the huge number of message boards, blogs and various debates where people download their own experiences of horror in bathrooms. Bathrooms in hotels, offices, public bathrooms, unisex bathrooms, as well as bathrooms in our own homes seem to inspire a series of mishaps and misfortunes - many involving a broken lock!

Bathrooms: Hygiene Horrors
Bathrooms can be pristine sanctuaries, places of relaxation or invigoration - helping you wake up in the mornings or unwind in the evenings. But some bathrooms can be something much less desirable. Anyone who has seen the TV show How Clean is Your House, will have witnessed the kinds of hygiene horrors some bathrooms become if they're not looked after. Filthy, stinking, stained toilet bowls and baths and clogged up drains - some bathrooms are so bad it can be traumatic to even consider using them!

Bathrooms: Time for a New One?
Gripes around bathroom hygiene include men with poor aim who leave a puddle of yellow around the toilet, leaking showers that leave damp and mouldy patches, hair-catchers in showers that are never emptied, fuzzy bathtubs that are never cleaned with blocked drains that push the grime and hairs back up into the water! Urgh! Some bathrooms seem beyond repair, even with the help of clean Queens Kim and Aggie.

Bathrooms: Time for a Re-Design?
Some bathrooms are simply horror stories not because of hygiene but because of poor design. A bathroom that has holes where doorknobs should be, or whose doors swing open on their own accord, or where the locks don't work, can lead to some embarrassing scenarios. And some bathrooms are simply in dire need of repair - missing or broken toilet seats can turn going to the loo into a logistical nightmare, demanding strong balancing skills and stronger leg muscles!

Bathrooms: A Disastrous Date
For women who go on new dates, the anxiety that accompanies the first moment they use their new boyfriend's bathroom can be immense. Although some men's bathrooms are spotless, others fall into the hygiene horrors category. What's worse is visiting a bathroom in a friend's house that has no toilet roll, or taps that don't work with no soap or a towel that looks like it's been used to clean the oven with. Such poor hygiene in bathrooms can be disastrous for new dates - after all, if their bathrooms are that dirty, nobody would want to get too close to them!

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